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Voordelige vluchten naar New York

Flights to New York City

Almost everyone who has visited New York City will tell you that it can get you hooked to the place within a few split seconds! In fact, the world-famous phrase “NYC bug” is raised for a reason. And, it is extremely true. Whether it is the view of the Rockefeller Center, or a splendid walk over the one-of-a-kind Brooklyn Bridge, there are plenty of reasons to book a flight to New York City. Many times, people who visit this exquisite city start their journey (or adventure) from the Central Perk. This name became extremely famous with the show “Friends”. Of course, you have so many other destinations like 5th Avenue and the incredible Grand Central Station to visit too. New York City is undeniably one of the finest attraction spots for tourists. This station is worth visiting, even if you are not planning to go on a train ride. If you are someone who is interested in theatrical shows, you should visit the incredible Broadway shows. The list of shows presented here begins from Wicked and goes on till Lion King! It is endless!

Tip: At the Broadway show, you are less likely to feel bored. The experience, theatre, and costumes will make you book flights to New York City time after time!

Getting to New York City

When you are considering direct flights to New York City, the best airport for you would be the John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK). Every day, hundreds of flights enter and leave NYC from this airport. Two other important airports in NYC would be the Newark Airport (EWR) and La Guardia Airport (LGA). When it comes to flights, you have a wide range of choices to pick from. Some of the most famous, and premium direct flights to New York City would be Etihad, American, Air India, British Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar and Emirates. These are not the only flights connecting the rest of the world with NYC. But, these are the most frequent, and direct flights to New York City. 

Tip: If you are flying on a budget, La Guardia Airport is a wise choice. You will find many cheap flights to New York City landing at LaGuardia.

Duration of Flights to NYC

There are plenty of flights to New York City from all over the world. If you are traveling on a direct flight to New York City from Great Britain, you will be able to complete the journey in less than 8 to 10 hours. And, the fastest flight to New York City with a single stop from UK takes around 10 hours. If you are looking for a cheap flight to New York City from UK, the duration can be as long as 36 hours! Likewise, when you want a direct flight to New York City from Dubai, the duration of your journey will be around 14 to 15 hours. From India, your flight to NYC will take around 16 to 18 hours. 

Tip: The total time required to reach NYC from anywhere in the world depends on the type of journey you choose. Most of the time, you can pick from direct flights and ones with a single/two stops. Always, the multi-stop flights will be lengthier, but relatively cheaper. 

Places to see in NYC

Places to see in NYC will always begin with the Lady herself! This is nothing but the Statue of Liberty, which is a renowned symbol of freedom and hope. The statue is kept on an island, and you need to get a boat to reach it. Next, you should spend some time in Central Park. This park keeps tourists away from the hustles and bustles of the NYC streets. As you stroll around in this park, don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee. Another important destination to be seen would be the Empire State Building. Next, you must spend a night around Times Square, which is loud, bright and busy all day long. As mentioned previously, your visit to NYC will be incomplete without a view from the Brooklyn Bridge. This should top your list of priorities.

Tip: Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is absolutely free at night. In fact, this is a stunning experience everyone visiting NYC should witness. 

Accommodation in NYC

You have five exciting places to choose from in NYC. If you are visiting NYC for the very first time, pick a hotel in Midtown. Someone who is keen on museums, luxury and shopping will find Upper East Side exciting. The place beams with luxury hotels, and exclusive shopping destinations. When you are traveling into New York City with your better half for a romantic getaway, pick Chelsea and Greenwich Village. The cool travelers, with a budget-friendly trip in mind will admire Lower East Side and Soho. Finally, if you are running tight on a budget, Queens in NYC is where you should be!

Tip: If you are planning to roam around NYC at night, Times Square is an idyllic spot for you. Thus, choose a hotel (accommodation) that is located near the neighborhood.

Shopping and Dining in NYC 

For a perfect shopping experience in NYC, you need to visit the Fifth Avenue. This is one of the world’s most famous streets for a unique shopping experience. In this street, you will find everything ranging from Prada to Fendi to Louis Vuitton to Tiffany to Valentino, and more. If you want to shop from places with a lesser crowd, pick the biggest malls in Manhattan. And, this would be the Manhattan Mall and the Times Warner Center. When you are in NYC, dine like a New Yorker! Pork is one of the city’s staples and signature foods. You will find Pork, and Lamb in most classic restaurants. New York City is known for serving dishes that you must eat before death! And, this includes varieties like Lasagna Alla Bolognese, Porter house Steak, the classic Pork Bun, Lamb over rice and Arepa de Chocolo! Also, don’t forget to try NYC Pizza, NYC Bagel, and NYC Cheesecake. 

Tip: Your visit to NYC will be incomplete without the Cheesecake. There are two different types of Cheesecakes to choose from. The Chicago- and the NYC- cheesecake. The latter is meant to be dense and rich, with a creamy, smooth consistency.


To make the most from your journey to NYC, the trip has to be planned ahead of time. Make use of when you want to book cheap flights to New York City. And, if you are planning on a direct flight to New York City, ensure that the right date is chosen. For more help on how to travel around NYC, the best times to visit NYC and for picking budget-friendly accommodation, make use of our comprehensive website.

FAQ voor vluchten naar New York

  • Wat zijn enkele reisrichtlijnen voor ${{city} tijdens de COVID19 pandemie?

    Toegangsbeperkingen en wijzigingen en annuleringen van vluchtschema's worden regelmatig bijgewerkt en zijn onderhevig aan wijzigingen. Als u van plan bent om tot ${{Acity} te reizen, vraag dan de meest actuele informatie op bij de luchtvaartmaatschappij waarmee u van plan bent om uw reis te boeken. U kunt ook COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions raadplegen voor meer informatie.
  • Welke luchtvaartmaatschappijen bieden gratis datumwijzigingen aan voor vluchten naar deze stad tijdens de COVID19 -pandemie?

    Er zijn geen luchtvaartmaatschappijen met vluchten naar deze stad die deze dienst aanbieden. Gebruik deze informatie uitsluitend als referentie en bevestig dit met de luchtvaartmaatschappij voordat u boekt.
  • Wat is de gemiddelde prijs van een vliegticket vanaf Nederland naar New York?

    De gemiddelde prijs van een ticket voor ${{city} is ${cost}. Gebruik deze prijs uitsluitend als referentie.
  • Hoe lang duurt de vlucht naar ${{city}?

    • Ongeveer 10 uur 2 minuten om te vliegen van Amsterdam naar New York.
    • Ongeveer 7 uur 57 minuten om te vliegen van Las Vegas naar New York.
    • Ongeveer 2 uur 56 minuten om te vliegen van Miami naar New York.
  • Hoe kan ik goedkopere tickets boeken?

    U kunt op de volgende manieren goedkopere vluchten boeken:
    • Zoek naar tickets voor een stad of luchthaven in de buurt van New York.
    • Zoek naar verschillende luchtvaartmaatschappijen die vluchten hebben naar New York.
    • Bekijk verschillende vertrekdata van dezelfde maand.
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  • Wat is de meest populaire maand om te bezoeken New York?

    Inzicht in het piek- en dalseizoen tot ${{city} kan u helpen om uw reisplannen hierop af te stemmen. De meest populaire maand om ${{city} te bezoeken is ${{month}. De gemiddelde prijs van vliegtickets naar ${{city} in ${month} is ${cost}.
  • Wanneer zijn vliegtickets voor ${{city} het goedkoopst?

    Vliegtickets naar ${{city} zijn in vergelijking met andere maanden het goedkoopst in ${month}, de gemiddelde prijs is ${cost}.
  • What are some popular attractions in New York?

    New York has many attractions to offer: Tompkins Square Park (2km from downtown) Mercy Sound (2km from downtown) Citadel Property Management Corp. (2km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.