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Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

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Xiamen University

Lvjing Hotel
4.2/5321 Beoordelingen

Lvjing Hotel

Xiamen University Area Xiamen|0.75km van Xiamen University
Environment: This is the most important factor for choosing this hotel. There are many surrounding attractions and travel is very fast and convenient. It takes about7-8 minutes to walk to the northeast to the entrance of Nanputuo Scenic Area and the northwest gate of Xiamen University (?); about 5 minutes to the west gate of Xiamen University Siming Campus; North to the Botanical Garden West Gate bus stop; west to Shapowei, Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street is very close, then south Yanwu Bridge sea view platform walk 10-15 minutes; at the entrance Xiamen University bus stop to Hulishan Fort, Zengcuo'an, Huandao Road Pedestrian Channel and other attractions ranging from several stops. Take a taxi to Xiagu Cruise Center Pier and Zhenhai Road subway station is very fast. In short, the traffic is very convenient and the travel is very convenient. The hotel goes out and turns right 2-300 Mi Street Hotel Snacks and supermarkets are also many, shopping is not difficult. Service: It feels OK, there is no obvious place to shine, and there is no obvious lack of items. Hygiene: The sanitation of the hotel is OK, there are no obvious shortcomings. Facilities: Evaluation is tangled. Because I stayed at the hotel for a few days in the same period in 2019, the convenience of the hotel is impressive. The room type selected this time is to see the hotel's home page picture is good (later, look at the room type introduction of the hotel on Trip.com, saying that the picture is only for reference, and the actual situation is subject to the actual situation. It is indeed not fully believed), plus this time the price has a discount, the price is higher. It is also not to be said that the hotel facilities are slightly old, the room is too narrow, there is no table and chair, the shelter can be, not comfortable, the experience is not very good. Maybe improve the room type again, and the experience may be better.

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Xiamen Twin Towers

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Huandao Road

Yige Seaview Parent-child Hotel (Xiada Baicheng Branch, Huandao Road)
4.7/5426 Beoordelingen

Yige Seaview Parent-child Hotel (Xiada Baicheng Branch, Huandao Road)

Xiamen University Area Xiamen|0.66km van Huandao Road
A Family Hotel with sea view is located at the seaside of Xiamen Huandao South Road. The hotel has a line of sea-view rooms, you can go out directly to feel the romantic coconut grove sea. The hotel is located in Pearl Bay Beach, Ring Island Road, the bus is very convenient, the entrance of the bus stop-pearl bay. Zengcuo'an, Huangcuo, Baicheng Beach, Xiamen University, South Putuo Temple, Zhongshan Road, and the cruise terminal are all accessible by bus, and they are all within half an hour's drive. Facing the sea, spring flowers, a family hotel with sea view almost matches your yearning for the sea. The hotel is a white, three-storey single-family, built around the sea. There is also a leisure area at the hotel entrance, where you can enjoy the hotel's popular afternoon tea and breakfast, the sea breeze, enjoy the sea view at the same time, spend a pleasant afternoon tea time. The hotel not only has a sea-view room can enjoy a line of sea view, but also parents and children family room, the room equipped with slides and other recreational facilities, is the best choice for parents and children travel, leisure vacation. Room all disposable items complete, equipped with smart appliances, high-definition projection. The room is clean and clean, with 24-hour hot water and other facilities, good service. If you're tired of the city's four o'clock sunrise, slow down and go somewhere with an ocean. Let Go of your irritability and embrace yourself. Watching the sunrise in the morning, watching the sunset in the evening, listening to the sound of the ebb and flow at night. In a grid sea view, close to nature, feel life, enjoy all the beautiful!

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Manke Hotel (Xiamen Ophthalmology Hospital Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street)
4.3/5574 Beoordelingen
Zhongshan Road Area
The traffic is very convenient, the service is also very thoughtful, two people have more luggage, the front desk brother went downstairs to help, have lived in so many hotels and have never seen such a good service haha (except five stars), the room is good overall health is relatively clean and comfortable, in Zhongshan Road business district is really good, The decoration is also very artistic, there is a place to make Kung Fu tea in the lobby, is there any instant tall, please like it
Renaissance Xiamen Hotel
4.6/51074 Beoordelingen
huangdonghaiyu scenic area
The hotel environment is good. There is a nice indoor swimming pool and beautiful territory outside. The registration took us too long, they asked to sit and wait for 30 minutes to scan the passports. I wish they could provide the welcome drink at the bar while we were waiting for the receptionist. Also I wish there were some welcome snacks as fruits in the room. There are no drinks or snacks in the fridge. In the room was cold because of the rainy day so I wanted to use the air conditioner for 30 degrees to hit the room up but it didn't work because they have limit to 22 degrees which is weird to me. The breakfast is just ok, very few options for dessert, only baked sweets, no cheesecake or the ice cream which is disappointing to me. Generally is it a good option for staying, I would only recommend improve wellcome service and upgrade the breakfast options.
Waldorf Astoria Xiamen
4.8/51500 Beoordelingen
Xiamen Railway Station Area
I felt pretty good after staying for three days. I contacted the guests' needs in advance and arranged a suitable floor. From entering the store to leaving the store, I was very comfortable overall. The service is very good and the details are in place. The scenery is a bit unsatisfactory, but it can be made up for with other things ~ I will choose it next time. It’s Xiamen on May 1st. You have to wait in line for an hour to take a taxi back to the hotel. It’s like this every day. It’s hard to say a word about this city...
4.7/52 Beoordelingen
Jimei School Village/Xinglin Bay/Yuanbo Garden
Environmental facilities are very good, recommended
4.7/51 Beoordelingen
Zhongshan Road Area
Meet Hotel
4.3/5277 Beoordelingen
Xiamen North Railway Station Area
Meet the hotel in Xiamen, very close to the child’s school, because I booked it for the child, stayed for one night, and reported to the school the next day. The front desk service was very good. The mini room was a suite, and the room looked dry. Net, not bad

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