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Beoordelingen van treinen in China biedt een snelle en betrouwbare service voor het boeken van Chinese treintickets. Elke dag helpen we honderden klanten bij het online boeken van Chinese treintickets. We hebben er het volste vertrouwen in dat ook u een van die tevreden klanten zult zijn.


  • m19****279 19 Jan 2016

    By subway, taxi or bus, It's very convenient to go everywhere.

  • e32****87 8 Jan 2016

    The transportation is convenient. The place is big. The fast subway is right at the exit.

  • fra****93 9 Mar 2016

    It's an old station. I grew up hearing the chime bell from the station. In the old days, it was the first impression for newcomers.

Beijing South

  • _WeCh******17537 15 Mar 2016

    The first stop in Beijing, it's really convenient.

  • 285****993 17 Feb 2016

    A modern station with convenient transportation. You can get there by lines 4 and 14. Unlike other high-speed railway stations, Beijing South is located in the downtown area. The building is great, well-equipped and clean.

  • ka***a 6 Mei 2016

    Have been to Beijing South Railway Station several times, using a different gate each time. It feels messy but people seem to have got used to it. It takes some thinking to survive here.

Beijing West

  • _m18*****5358 20 Jan 2016

    To be frank, Beijing West Railway Station is dirty and messy. The only saving grace is its uncrowded parking lot. I only take trains here when I have to.

  • e15****56 6 Feb 2016

    Quite a big station. There are restaurants and supermarkets across the road.

  • M35****461 10 Apr 2016

    Bright and spacious. The staff are warm-hearted and the signs are clear.

Beijing North

  • M30****042 6 Jan 2016

    I have come to Beijing North Railway Station. The transportation is very convenient.

  • 159****0528 19 Dec 2015

    Beijing North Railway Station is in Xizhimen. It's convenient to take the subway there. It provides trains to Yanqing.

  • t**34 24 Nov 2015

    It has trains to Badaling.


  • M19****117 8 Feb 2016

    Big station with many people. The transportation is very convenient.

  • 110****970 7 Feb 2016

    The old Shanghai Station. It looks old from both inside and outside. I hope it can be renovated one day.

  • 231****978 28 Jan 2016

    Shanghai Station is quite big. Nice surroundings and many restaurants.

Shanghai Hongqiao

  • 52000******00000 11 Mar 2016

    I like this station. It has convenient transportation and well-equipped facilities.

  • 181****0899 18 Mar 2016

    Hongqiao Railway Station is high-end and classy. I've been to many railway stations, among them Hongqiao is the most spacious and clasiest. I like it.

  • 170****529 15 Apr 2016

    It's magnificent and not far from the airport. There are many people here.

Shanghai South

  • 110****970 7 Feb 2016

    Have been there when I went to Zhejiang. It looked messy from the outside, because of the high passenger traffic. It was better inside.

  • M15****570 17 Mar 2016

    It is a big station, kind of like a terminal building. The Shanghai South Long-distance Bus Station is nearby. The building is complicated and it could be challenging for newcomers to find their way.

  • e**ye 13 Mar 2016

    Not many trains here and most of them are normal speed trains. It would be much more convenient if there could be some high-speed trains. The facilities here are great!


  • 120****207 2 Feb 2016

    Guangzhou Railway Station hasn't changed much since its reform and reopening. It's no wonder that it can't keep up with the increasing needs and falls behind other cities. The surroundings inside the station have been improved with a garden, business waiting room and a cleaner, brighter waiting room. However, it has been risky over the years because outside the station there are many pickpockets and hustlers. So, you better enter the station half an hour prior to departure and don't linger at the station square.

  • _yt4*****913 30 Dec 2015

    People swarmed to get on the train every time I got off at Guangzhou. Big station indeed!

  • 118****630 1 Feb 2016

    The most important train station in southern China.

Guangzhou East

  • 118****630 1 Feb 2016

    It's fast and convenient to take high-speed railways to Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong.

  • E14****59 27 Jan 2016

    The transportation is very convenient thanks to its location in central Guangzhou.

  • _cft01*******0118628 21 Jan 2016

    The management is a little poor. The railway stations in Guangzhou are all just so-so, in my opinion.

Guangzhou North

  • 288****066 16 Nov 2015

    It's a little bit far to go to Huadu to take trains and the transportation there is not very convenient.

  • 206****676 8 Dec 2015

    It's the nearest high-speed railway station to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. But it takes half an hour minimum and there are few trains to the airport.

  • 134****5608 14 Sep 2015

    The Guangzhou North station is at Huadu District, which is really far from downtown. It's a small station with few trains.

Guangzhou South

  • 139****3651 26 Mar 2016

    It only takes about one hour to connect with Guangzhou East by subway, but it is a bit far from the subway exit, which means it takes some extra time to buy tickets. Also, you are not able to buy a ticket on the ticket vending machine using a Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao.

  • _M15*****1551 25 Mei 2016

    I came to Guangzhou South to take the high-speed railway. It looks quite new because it started to operate in 2010 and is not as crowded as Guangzhou Station. Once subway line 7 opens, it will be more convenient.

  • _m13*****6803 22 Apr 2016

    This is a grand gateway and transportation hub for Guangzhou. Transferring without getting out of the station is really convenient!


  • M28****570 25 Jan 2016

    Shenzhen railway station is very large. The transportation is convenient because of its location in Luohu District.

  • q**21 15 Jan 2016

    It's at the heart of the old town of Luohu District. Its surroundings are dirty and messy like many other stations. It's the terminal station for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity railway.

  • 233****998 14 Jan 2016

    To be honest, the station is not well-structured. There is a strange smell in the restroom.

Shenzhen West

  • _yt4*****913 3 Jan 2016

    The service of the staff in Shenzhen West Railway Station is really poor. The authorities should take some measures to improve it.

  • _yt4*****751 3 Jan 2016

    The cheapest ticket from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is to Shenzhen West.

  • 320****191 14 Dec 2015

    It's in Shenzhen's Nanshan District. There used to be lots of trains here but there are fewer now.

Shenzhen North

  • _WB1*****851 7 Feb 2016

    Shenzhen North Railway Station is the biggest railway station I've seen. And It's very orderly.

  • 120****207 13 Mei 2016

    Due to its large scale, It's more comfortable than the old station. The "true high-speed train" takes no more than half an hour to get to Guangzhou South. I've been here many times and have seen it develop into today's traffic hub and business is booming. However, with the number of passengers increasing, it takes more time to pass the security check (about 20 minutes). Please allow some time. Still, the waiting room is capable of accommodating passengers without being crowded.

  • 150****6988 30 Apr 2016

    A huge place. Sometimes I can't even find my way.

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Bent u van plan om met de trein in China te reizen? helpt u snel en eenvoudig online treintickets voor China te boeken! Geen wachttijden meer wanneer u in de rij staat op treinstations. Nu kunt u op onze websites in het Engels, Frans, Duits, Indonesisch, Japans, Koreaans, Maleis, Russisch, Spaans, Thai of Vereenvoudigd of Traditioneel Chinees treindienstregelingen zoeken en goedkope treintickets kopen voor elke hogesnelheidstrein in China. Onze database is verbonden met het officiële informatiecentrum voor hogesnelheidstreinen in China, zodat u er zeker van kunt zijn dat u de meest recente dienstregelingen en officiële prijzen voor alle treinroutes in China ziet. Wij maken het boeken van een treinticket in China gemakkelijk met ons handige online boekingssysteem. U kunt uw treintickets voor hogesnelheidstreinen n China ophalen op elk station op het vasteland van China of deze laten bezorgen op een adres in bepaalde steden in heel China.

Goedkoop reizen over het hogesnelheidsspoor van China: veilig, handig en comfortabel

Als u op zoek bent naar goedkoop reizen in China, is de hogesnelheidstrein van China de juiste keuze. Het hogesnelheidsspoorwegsysteem in China verbindt meer dan 300 steden, waaronder Beijing, Shanghai en Guangzhou. Het hogesnelheidsnetwerk in China is meer dan 16.000 km (9.940 mijl) lang en is daarmee het grootste hogesnelheidsnetwerk ter wereld. Met snelheden tot 300 km/u (186 mph) is reizen met de trein in China een snelle, handige, goedkope en comfortabele optie. Boek nu uw ticket voor de Chinese-kogeltrein! U kunt nu minimaal 35 minuten vóór vertrek en maximaal 60 dagen vóór vertrek D- en G-treintickets voor de hogesnelheidstrein boeken.

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