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Voordelige vluchten naar Udon Thani

FAQ voor vluchten naar Udon Thani

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    Toegangsbeperkingen en wijzigingen en annuleringen van vluchtschema's worden regelmatig bijgewerkt en zijn onderhevig aan wijzigingen. Als u van plan bent om tot ${{Acity} te reizen, vraag dan de meest actuele informatie op bij de luchtvaartmaatschappij waarmee u van plan bent om uw reis te boeken. U kunt ook COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions raadplegen voor meer informatie.
  • Welke luchtvaartmaatschappijen bieden gratis datumwijzigingen aan voor vluchten naar deze stad tijdens de COVID19 -pandemie?

    Er zijn geen luchtvaartmaatschappijen met vluchten naar deze stad die deze dienst aanbieden. Gebruik deze informatie uitsluitend als referentie en bevestig dit met de luchtvaartmaatschappij voordat u boekt.
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    De gemiddelde prijs van een ticket voor ${{city} is ${cost}. Gebruik deze prijs uitsluitend als referentie.
  • Hoe lang duurt de vlucht naar ${{city}?

    • Ongeveer 1 uur 5 minuten om te vliegen van Bangkok naar Mueang Udon Thani District.
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    U kunt op de volgende manieren goedkopere vluchten boeken:
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    Vliegtickets naar ${{city} zijn in vergelijking met andere maanden het goedkoopst in ${month}, de gemiddelde prijs is ${cost}.
Flights to Udon Thani


Located about 348 miles away from the capital city of Bangkok, Udon Thani is the fourth largest city in Thailand. It was founded in the 1890s by Prince Prajak Silapakom. Considered major commercial and official center in norther Isan, Udon Thani is also Thailand’s gateway to southern China and northern Vietnam.

During the Vietnam war, the facility known as Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base was the Asian headquarters for Air America and served as the front-line base for United States Air Force. This was the era when Udon Thani flourished as a bigger city. Udon Thani has preserved those bygone days in its coffee shops, bars, and hotels from that time. These joints, give the city a beautiful charm of the early 50s.

Reaching Udon Thani

Udon Thani International Airport connects the city to other major cities in the country including Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket with hopping and direct flights. Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, and Thai Smile offer direct flights to Udon Thani from various other cities in the country. Depending on the destination, these flights take between 1 to 2 hours to reach other domestic cities. Thai Vietjet Air is the only international connecting Udon Thai with the Vietnamese financial center; Ho Chi Minh City. International travelers visiting the city can take connecting flights to Udon Thani from Don Mueang International Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport from Bangkok, Phuket International Airport from Phuket and Chiang Mai International Airport from Chiang Mai.

Tip: For the convenience of travel, international visitors should travel to Udon Thani via Bangkok.

Best Way to Commute in Udon Thani

Owing to its good roads and well-designed roundabouts, commuting in Udon Thani is quite easy. Tourists can choose to commute in the city from various options including taxi, buses, and car/scooter, etc. though buses are limited to city routes only. Those looking to experience something local and unique to South East Asia should try the bicycle taxi, tuk-tuk or songthaew. Those looking for an adventure can rent a bicycle, motorcycle or a car and venture out on their own.

Tip: For fun and exquisite experience don’t forget to try a tuk-tuk ride.

About The City

Though Udon Thani developed into a more advanced city during the Vietnam war, the city has a preserved history from an age much before that and has advanced much further into the contemporary world of the 21st century, maintaining a balance and preserving all the ages. History junkies can not only enjoy the remains of coffee shops and bars from the mid-20th century but they can also take a walk much deeper into the history, admiring the rocks and paintings from the Bronze Age. Boasting numerous parks and hiking trails, this city will defiantly bring joy to nature lovers. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy a walk or other outdoorsy activities in many different parks across the city.

Exploring Udon Thani

Udon Thani is home to various natural, historic and commercial places and is well-liked by all types of travelers. It is situated 22 miles away from Ban Chiang, an archeological site listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ban Chiang is a bronze age excavation site which is also one of the most famous tourist spots in the area. Ban Nak Ha, a village located about 10 miles north of the city, is well known for selling home-woven cotton and silk garments.

Nong Bua is a lake park recognized for its iconic dragon pole and Chinese Pagodas overseeing the lake. Hikers would enjoy the scenic trails at Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park, offering waterfalls in rainy seasons. Khumpahawapi is another great location for adrenalin junkies, boasting dragon boat races in October, which is also home to numerous monkeys, living there for thousands of years. Nong Prajack Park is a huge recreational area within the city of Udon Thani, perfect for exercising and relaxing. This park has a huge water reservoir with numerous islands and offers interesting activities including night aerobics with Thai pop music. It also features stunning joggers track around the lake. Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm that features a large variety of orchid plants is a perfect beauty spot for nature and flower lovers, where tourists can enjoy looking at plants that dance to music.

History lovers must pay a visit to Udon Thani Provincial Museum and Phu Phra Bat Historical Park. Situated near Udon Thani, Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is one of the most visited places in Thailand. Famous for its large mysterious rock formations, this park attracts numerous tourists all round the year. Visitors can also see magnificent ridgeline with myriad sandstone edifices aging thousands of years and cave paintings from the Bronze Age.

How to Have Fun in Udon Thani

While the Bypass Road is full of Big Box stores, Central Plaza and UD Town is an absolute treat for the shopaholics. These vibrant malls are full of branded stores giving blissful shopping experience to shoppers along with various international food chains to satiate the homesick bellies.

Tourists across the world enjoy street food in Udon Thani. Vegetarian and non-vegetarians delights such as grilled chicken and meat on a stick, satay, noodle soup, som tam, pad Thai, are largely available with the street vendors. Tourists can also taste food from different South-East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. along with delicacies from many western countries. Phonpisai Road, Sampantamit Road, and Ban Lao Road are some places where tourists can find the best restaurants serving traditional Thai and international cuisines. The bustling allies of Prajak Sillapakom Road, Prajak Road, and Pho Si Road feature some of the most buzzing and happening pubs and clubs in the city.

Tip: If you enjoy hot and spicy meals, make sure to try the spicy Isan delicacies while tasting the street food.

Best Places to Stay in City

Depending on the tourist’s budget and liking, visitors can choose between economic and luxurious hotels. Visitors can also rent apartments and villas if visiting for a longer duration. Sampanthamit Road Muang, Phosri Road, and Prajack Road are some of the best places to book a budget-friendly hotel near the bus and train stations. Prajak Sinlaphakhom and Udon-Nongbua Lampoon Road feature some of the expensive villas and luxury hotels to stay near the city.

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