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Voordelige vluchten naar Harbin

FAQ voor vluchten naar Harbin

  • Wat zijn enkele reisrichtlijnen voor ${{city} tijdens de COVID19 pandemie?

    Toegangsbeperkingen en wijzigingen en annuleringen van vluchtschema's worden regelmatig bijgewerkt en zijn onderhevig aan wijzigingen. Als u van plan bent om tot ${{Acity} te reizen, vraag dan de meest actuele informatie op bij de luchtvaartmaatschappij waarmee u van plan bent om uw reis te boeken. U kunt ook COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions raadplegen voor meer informatie.
  • Welke luchtvaartmaatschappijen bieden gratis datumwijzigingen aan voor vluchten naar deze stad tijdens de COVID19 -pandemie?

    Er zijn geen luchtvaartmaatschappijen met vluchten naar deze stad die deze dienst aanbieden. Gebruik deze informatie uitsluitend als referentie en bevestig dit met de luchtvaartmaatschappij voordat u boekt.
  • Wat is de gemiddelde prijs van een vliegticket vanaf Nederland naar Harbin?

    De gemiddelde prijs van een ticket voor ${{city} is ${cost}. Gebruik deze prijs uitsluitend als referentie.
  • Hoe lang duurt de vlucht naar ${{city}?

    • Ongeveer 2 uur 55 minuten om te vliegen van Shanghai naar Harbin.
  • Hoe kan ik goedkopere tickets boeken?

    U kunt op de volgende manieren goedkopere vluchten boeken:
    • Zoek naar tickets voor een stad of luchthaven in de buurt van Harbin.
    • Zoek naar verschillende luchtvaartmaatschappijen die vluchten hebben naar Harbin.
    • Bekijk verschillende vertrekdata van dezelfde maand.
    • Filter voor verschillende vertrektijden van dezelfde dag.
    • Kijk voor kortingsinformatie op diverse social media-sites.
    • Ontdek deals en kortingen op websites van luchtvaartmaatschappijen.
  • Wat is de meest populaire maand om te bezoeken Harbin?

    Inzicht in het piek- en dalseizoen tot ${{city} kan u helpen om uw reisplannen hierop af te stemmen. De meest populaire maand om ${{city} te bezoeken is ${{month}. De gemiddelde prijs van vliegtickets naar ${{city} in ${month} is ${cost}.
  • Wanneer zijn vliegtickets voor ${{city} het goedkoopst?

    Vliegtickets naar ${{city} zijn in vergelijking met andere maanden het goedkoopst in ${month}, de gemiddelde prijs is ${cost}.
  • What are some popular attractions in Harbin?

    Harbin has many attractions to offer: Xidazhi Street (2km from downtown) (2km from downtown) (2km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
  • What are some popular hotels in Harbin?

Flights to Harbin (HRB)

Harbin is a wonderland of winter sports like skiing, sledding and skating in the north, in the northern part of China. Book a flight to Harbin to experience historic places, as well as to enjoy the unique places in Harbin. In terms of entertainment, it is one of the best things in Harbin to visit the Sun Island Scenic areas. It includes Sun Island and a few smaller islands. The scenery of the four seasons on the islands is distinctly different across the Songhua River and influenced by the atmosphere in the monsoon.

Tip: Make sure to wear long and thick hood which is windproof that covers the ears and face if you are traveling during winter.

Getting to Harbin

Harbin Taiping International Airport (HRB) is the 2nd biggest airport in northeast China, located 33 kilometers northwest of the downtown area. The airport has two terminals, domestic and international. The airport provides auxiliary facilities including duty-free shops, restaurants, airport lounges, lost & found stores.

Most of the flights to Harbin are operated by following carriers Shenzhen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Shandong Airlines, China Southern. The airport is around 33 kilometers from City, which is linked by express trains. The two companies that offer direct flights to Harbin from Japan are China Southern and Spring Airlines Japan. Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Eva Air, Scoot, and IrAero provide non-stop direct flights to Harbin from East, South-East and Central Asia.

From the airport to Harbin Central there are shuttle buses and taxis. The airport shuttle buses cost approximately 20 RMB, and taxis cost around 100 RMB. 

Tip: Many nationalities may seek visa-free transit 72 hours at Harbin airport.

Sight-seeing in Harbin

Harbin is the capital of the province of Heilongjiang and also China's largest city. For two centuries, various people such as the Russians, the Buddhists, and the Japanese have occupied the city. This has also grown as a part of itself to embrace all these cultures. Harbin is also world-famous for its Ice Sculptures, the Ice & Snow Festivals, which take place annually.

Siberian Tiger Park is situated next to Sun Island. The park includes over 500 stunning yet endangered Siberian purebred tigers. There are plenty of other sightseeing places in this area. The St. Sophia Cathedral is the largest orthodox church in the Far East and also named Harbin Construction Arts Gallery. The Dragon Tower, which in reality is the Heilongjiang broadcaster and TV tower is considered to be the first highest in Asia and second highest in the world. It is another must-see destination. Ji Le Temple is on East Dazhi Road, Harbin's Nangang District is the largest Buddhist center in the province of Heilongjiang.

Harbin city is also known as Eastern Moscow, here you can find some Russian architecture. Central Street, (Zhongyang Dajie) which contains many of the buildings in European architectural styles from Renaissance, baroque to eclecticism. It has the best sight to represent foreign styles in the world. It is also the city's richest lane, home to numerous beautiful stores and restaurants.

This beautiful city accommodation includes Luxury stay, Budged hotels, Apartments, 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, 2-star and 1-star hotels, and hostels for backpackers as well. Some of the hotels provide Kitchen/Kitchenette so that the guests can cook by themselves. Based on the location and type of accommodation required, you can select one of the hotels.

Travelers can get around Harbin city using different modes of transportation such as Bus, Taxi, Bicycle or train. Taxi is the fastest way to get around in Harbin. There are a number of bus routes to Harbin's corners. By bus, you can get around town one of the easiest and most comfortable ways. One Yuan per person will be charged for the bus. There are two train stations in Harbin. The Harbin Train Station is one, and the Harbin East Train Station is the other. All of them are nearly centrally located.

Tip: Many apps in China does not work, for example. WhatsApp, Google without the VPN. You may need to use Chinese apps.

Dining out in Harbin

Even though not listed in Chinese Eight Cuisines, because of its unique geographical position and long history, the Harbin cuisine still has its specialties. Manchu's local cuisine mixes Shandong with exotic Russian cuisine, giving even Heilongjiang cuisine the key elements of current Harbin cooking. Dalieba is made in bakeries of the city in Russian style. It is similar to sourdough and has been made in Harbin for more than 100 years. It has a chewy, sour flavor, which makes a big difference from the typically smooth, fluffy bread in most other Chinese regions. 

The locals in Harbin also like to eat fresh vegetables that are either cold with soy or sauce-sprinkled. The local inhabitants' daily staples are meat and rice. Dumplings are known as the dominant among them. Around 10 sorts of dumplings can be sampled here with various stuffings. A series of popular banquets was invented by the locals, based on traditional cooking skills and local materials. Some of the must-try dumplings are cabbage pork dumplings, dumplings stuffed with pork.

Madier Ice Cream is one of the classics of Harbin City, known as Modern Popsicles. You may not be shocked that on a hot summer day, you are following a long queue for such ice cream. Even throughout winter, Madier Ice Cream remains attractive. It is perfectly natural that in Harbin, tourists wear jackets as stomp their feet and enjoy their Madier Ice Cream. Some people also think the ice cream tastes better in winter than it does in summer.

Tip: Several shops specialize in Harbin sausages. You should buy some to share with your friends and family at home!

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