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Voordelige vluchten naar Guangzhou

Voordelige vluchten naar Guangzhou

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Flights to Guangzhou

Known in China for one of the most expensive real estate markets, Guangzhou is situated in the province of Guangdong in the south of China. It is also called Canton. Previously, its name was Kwangchow. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong and counts for 40% of the population of this province. It is also among the top three largest cities in China. Apart from this statistical information, there is a lot more to this beautiful city that will surely tempt you to travel to Guangzhou for your next vacation. This city hosts more than 200 million of tourists every year as it has many tourist attractions to offer. Let it be the temples or the beautiful towers and museums, this city has it all for you. It never fails to amaze and surprise you with its beauty. It is a perfect blend of the cultural values going hand in hand with the modernizing concepts. Let us delve deeper into the interesting possibilities this city offers to the tourists.

Tip: You can buy a SIM card from the airport itself in case you need a mode of communication in areas sans wifi service.

Getting to Guangzhou

Guangzhou offers a visa-free stay of 144 hours to citizens of more than 50 countries inclusive of the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, etc. This is applicable when the tourists take an international transfer. The citizens of other countries have to get a valid Visa before visiting Guangzhou. There are many flights to Guangzhou that fly from the different corners of the world. All the countries have various airline services that provide cheap flights to Guangzhou. All the connecting and direct flights to Guangzhou land at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Apart from the international flights, this airport also receives domestic flights. Sichuan Airlines and China Southern Airlines are the most frequent domestic flights at this airport. 

Tip: Avoiding travel to Guangzhou during the Canton Fair is a good idea as the city is extremely crowded making it difficult to get a bus/taxi.

The Attractions of the Port City

Guangzhou has so many different types of tourist spots that will make you fall in love with this lovely city. This city is the converging point of the Xi River, Bei river, Liuxi river, and Dong river, which finally converge as one river, the beautiful Pearl River. Cruising on the Pearl River is a magnificent experience, especially at night. The view of the city in the night from the Pearl River is a visual treat and a sight that you will never forget. You can see the huge Canton tower from the river erected as a large tower enlightened with the mesmerizing lights all over it. Haizhu Square is also visible from the cruise in the Pearl River. The neon lights shining bright in the night is a sight you will never want to miss. One of the most famous landmarks of Guangzhou is its Canton Tower. This architectural marvel is one of its kind and bags itself the position of the highest tower in China. There are so many activities that can be enjoyed at the Ascending Canton Tower. You can take the horizontal sky wheel bubble tram at the tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city. There is a transparent spiral aerial ladder that can be climbed and gives you the exciting experience of being in the air. If you are an adventurous person, you can try the 30-meter free-fall from the tower, which holds the record of the world’s highest vertical fall. If you are a fan of old architecture, you can pay a visit to Shanmian Island. The beautiful streets have European-style buildings and this place offers an amazing nightlife with so many exotic bars around.

Tip: Guangzhou Museum situated within Yuexiu Park offers a deeper insight into the history of the city. 

Exploring the city of Guangzhou

If you have little visitors along with you, then Chimelong Tourist Resort might interest you. This resort has a series of different theme parks, where you can have fun with your family and friends. It has theme parks to suit every age-group of visitors. There is a Safari Park, a Birds Park and a Chimelong Paradise designed to entertain you in the best way possible. There are a lot of temples in this city that takes you closer to the culture. If you are a history buff, you should surely visit the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, which was built in 1888. This old temple is an epitome of traditional Chinese architecture and has beautiful sculptures and paintings in it. You can also visit the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which carries historical importance. This hall was built in the memory of the great Chinese leader Sun Yat-sen. This place is comprised of a beautiful octagonal palace where there are sculptures about the life experiences of Sun Yat-sen. When you are done with the sight-seeing, you can enjoy shopping in the wholesale markets of Guangzhou. These wholesale markets are famously known for their garments. You can get amazing and stylish outfits at reasonable prices from these markets. Let it be buying souvenirs or accessories, these markets have it all for you. When in Guangzhou, you should not miss trying the traditional Cantonese Morning Tea. It is a lifestyle of the people of Guangzhou to have their special morning tea, popularly known as Yum Cha with their family members or friends. The tea is served with delicious dim sums. These dim sums have a variety of flavors and types. The most acclaimed flavors are the Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Vermicelli Dumplings, and the Steamed Shaomai. 

Tip: Do not forget to try the traditional Roasted Suckling Pig, locally known as Kao Ru Zhu. This is a famous delicacy in Guangzhou.

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FAQ voor vluchten naar Guangzhou

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    • Ongeveer 2 uur 33 minuten om te vliegen van Shanghai naar Guangzhou.
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  • What are some popular attractions in Guangzhou?

    Guangzhou has many attractions to offer: Yuyuan Garden (3km from downtown) Former Residence of Anti-Japanese Hero Liu Fengsheng (3km from downtown) Christian Dongshan Church (East Gate) (3km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
  • What are some popular hotels in Guangzhou?